If you have a Dutch text or book that needs to be edited or corrected, Hipproductions can help you out. Our specialist subjects of tourism, travel, cycling, management and ICT can also be useful in the area of editing. We have a great deal of experience of editing business texts, brochures, manuals and books in these fields. Our customers include several well-known publishing houses in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We look for the right words and put each word in the right place. We can edit and correct on paper or in a file (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint). However you want it. Editing means that we pay attention to spelling and grammar, but also to wording, style and the accuracy of what is written. When correcting texts, we assume that you have made sure that your texts do not contain any nonsense, and that the correction round is only the final step prior to publication. If there is any nonsense in there, we will write new or amended text in consultation with you, so that you can be sure that your relationship with your customers will in any event not be damaged by unclear communication or incorrect information.