Language and communication are our passion. Communication is so much easier when texts are coherent and translations well-written. With a good slogan, a catchy text or a smooth translation your customers will become more interested in your product, which will then sell itself. In other words, a comprehensible, intelligible and easily to read text is the basis for a successful business.

The services we offer are translation, copywriting and editing. We translate from English and German into Dutch. No side trips to other languages and we will only translate into Dutch, our mother tongue. We live by the saying: do what you do well and know your limitations. By the way, within those boundaries the possibilities are plenty! In addition, we write texts for magazines and websites, and we create press releases and advertisements that are in line with our customers' ideas. If a translated or original Dutch language text needs to be checked or partly rewritten, we will put our editorial skills to work.

Although we can handle a wide range of assignments, we have particular and extensive expertise in the following areas: management literature, government communication, bicycle industry and leisure industry (tourism and travel), software and internet security. We are a small organisation and do not subcontract any work to third parties, so you can always directly contact the person realising your assignment. Short lines of communication, clear talk! We stand for quality and customer satisfaction!

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We translate from English and German into Dutch

We copywrite for magazines, websites and advertisements

We edit Dutch language texts



With a master's degree in Business Administration Gerko began his career as a policy officer and organizational consultant. Having worked in public service for twelve years and having produced countless lengthy policy proposals and complicated reorganization reports, he decided it was time for him to write texts of a lighter nature.

He combined hobby and profession in his passion for cycling and traveling. This resulted in a career as a text writer, freelance journalist and translator. His main activities comprise translating websites, brochures and technical manuals for a large number of international companies and institutions in the bicycle industry and tourism sector. In addition, he writes articles about cycling and bicycle products and produces the accompanying photographs and videos.

His work featured in various Dutch magazines such as Mountain Bike Plus, Outdoor Magazine and brand magazines for famous bicycle brands such as Trek and Giant.

Today he is also the co-owner and editor of the online bike magazine www.ridez.cc. He likes to ride fatbikes, which perfectly fits in with his other hobby: collecting hippos!



Tosca is a linguist with a master’s degree in English Language and Literature and 'hippo loads' of experience in the fields of translation, editing and coordination. Having worked for several translation agencies and a publishing house, the call of independence became too strong and she joined forces with her partner to start Hipproductions ten years ago. 

She specializes in translating travel and management literature, and strives to avoid the much hated management speak in her translations and write coherent and comprehensible language in stead. This means no management gobbledygook. She loves low-hanging fruit, but only when she can handpick them from a tree.  She always tries to take her translation skill to the next level, but really, the sky is the limit. She doesn’t mind touching base with her clients, but why not just have a pleasant conversation about your Dutch language needs? That said, she is always going forward with a smile on her face, but that is a no brainer.

When the work is done, she enjoys watching movies. You might also find her in nature shooting videos and photos – unfortunately only hippos in captivity have modelled for her. Some of her work can be found at various online stock photo and footage sites and at www.dolfilms.eu and at Instagram


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Hipproductions is expert, professional and flexible


We work for major publishing companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, but our customers also include leading bicycle and bicycle parts manufacturers, tourism organisations in the Netherlands and abroad, and ICT companies. This is what our customers say about us.


If you think that Hipproductions would be a good partner for solving your language problems, please get in touch with us. We are convinced that we can be of service to you, and would be happy to do business with you. Would you like more information about prices, rates, options, photos of hippopotamuses or simply a good conversation about a business article? Email us or phone us today.


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