Even in this day and age translating is still a profession and a craft. Hipproductions supplies quality translations from English and German into Dutch. We thoroughly explore the subjects of the books, brochures, web texts and advertisements we translate. We aim to supply translations that are characterised by a balance between comprehensiveness and attractiveness without compromising the content.

We specialise in short texts (brochures, articles, web texts) and long texts (books) in the fields of travel and tourism, and are the number one choice for translations of business or technical documents relating to the bicycle industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. Various Dutch and foreign companies, institutions and publishers make use of our translation services in these fields.

We also like to know what we are talking (translating) about, and for this reason we often think it is a good idea to not only make use of libraries and the internet to consult reference materials but to try out a product ourselves (for example, when translating an instruction manual). Visiting your company or institution is often another good way of getting to know one another and deepen our knowledge. Additionally, we create databases of specialist terms and their translations, so that you can always be sure of not only a good translation, but also a consistent one. These are ways of guaranteeing a high quality translation.